Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Feb we all went to the St. Rosa beach to Lindseys aunt's beach house for Mardi Gras break. It was a fun get away. The beach was so cold! It's fun having Jamie apart of the family. Who would ever have known that the freshman girl I met 5 years ago would be my future sister in law. It's such a blessing and a joy. I look forward to the years ahead!


Donna said...

How fun- I love the idea of brothers and their wives getting to vacation! Jadyn looks SO CUTE in that pic- I love her curly hair!

White House said...

You are such a busy girl; a lot has happened since the trip to the beach---you are too busy to keep up your blog....that precious JJ keeps her momma busy as well as all the company you have and clinique, Bible Studies, homemaking, and of course--- decorating. last week was great with yall....hugs and kisses, nana