Friday, January 15, 2010

Latest family picture taken at my parents house in December. Lord-willing next year there will be a sweet little boy in the picture with us! He is all Jadyn talks about. She and I made snowflakes the other day and she wanted to make him one. She constantly wants to talk about him and prays for him for every meal and bedtime.
I spotted a little the other day bc I overdid it. Of course my mind goes to the worst.... I told my mom I hate thinking that way but the first person I think of is Jadyn .....ok, everything is fine...dont want to chase that rabit.
Jadyn turns four tomorrow. Maybe i'll post some pics of her princess birthday party. The girls are getting their make up done and finger nails and toe nails painted...should be fun...looking so forward to it and for it to be over! haaa