Friday, September 12, 2008

Kids say the funniest things!

Jadyn is saying the funniest things these days. She saw my freckles and said:
J-what's that Mommy?
me- those are freckles . I have them on my face too. (as I took her finger and pointed them out)
J- I don't have freckles (as she looked at her legs)
J- Somebody needs to get me some!
How funny! I am going to remind of her of this dialogue if she does get them.

Casey giving Jadyn a bath:
Jadyn had a TT accident at the park. She came home very wet! Casey put her in the bath.
J- Daddy, my tinie (what we call her priviate) is wet. I can't wait to wash it!

Laying Jadyn down last night:

me- I enjoyed going to the park with you today, Jadyn. (looking at her in the crib)
J- and I enjoyed exercising, mommy!

What they pick up???

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It is well with my soul!

Casey and I celebrated eight years of marriage yesterday. Well, I wouldn't call it celebrated. Jadyn was sick so we really just took care of her. We layed in bed playing "remember when." Casey asked me what was my favorite married memories...I have so many. It was neat he asked me that because I had spent that day looking at old journal entries where I had written about him over the past several years.

Some wonderful memories that came to my mind were our vacations together. We took one every year before Jadyn was born. Casey and I were both raised in homes where that was important so we both still value "get aways." We had six years together before we had Jadyn which wasn't our plan, but it did give us time to make good memories and enjoy each other and learn each other....... there were fights too!

Other memories: first year of marriage and living on a 400 acre farm! I could write a book on that! So funny! Moving to a city we had never, of course some of my favorite memories are in Hammond, La. It is where our family began, starting a ministry from ground-up, being a mom, decorating a home......
So, why is it well with my soul? Well, we have made a decision to leave SLU and all of our staff are moving to Baton Rouge. The thoughts of this town,the favorite eating spots, parks, the faces of students,all the beginnings of the ministry, cookouts, lives that have changed and those whose haven' brings so much emotion.

I was reading through my journal of prayers that I had asked God to change the heart of girls who I have now been discipling for three-five years. What a joy and privilege! It's so easy to forget where God has brought us! I love that the Old Testament would always build an alter/monument to remind them of God's faithfulness.

In the entries I saw my heart and how I had so much passion. Where has it gone? Has it gone? I read some of the entries and it sounds like I want to "save" the world. Maybe my passion has matured some...I always refer to myself as Peter..... the one who was quick to speak, passionate, young --immature but through sanctification He will continue to strip away the sin that prevents me from serving Him out of a pure heart!

It wasn't well my soul last year at this wasn't HIS timing but it is now. He has gone before us! I can't wait to see what he has in store at LSU. Wow....we are going back to square one on a huge campus at age 30!! Whose parents are hanging out in the dorms! ha...

So, these next few months we are trusting God that He will provide a home for us, close to campus. I want a home with a big den so I can have lots of people in it!

This move will be bitter-sweet. I have loved this campus and the "small beginnings." The Bible says don't despise the small beginnings......oh, so true! God, thank you for the lives that you have brought from death to life! May you continue to change hearts, marriages, families, our nation, world through us ambassadors of the Gospel!

*know this was long....this was for me.... :)