Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friends --- are worth it!

If anyting I "caught" that was not "taught" to me by my parents was that they valued frindships. We would vacation with famlies, eat at each others houses, drop by without calling... So, I too love to do that as well and long for it more....a community

The Browns (who are good friends of ours/Crooms since 2000 when the came on staff with CO) drove from Birmingham to see the Crooms, Casey, Jadyn and me. It was so much fun to just laugh and be with "old" friends. We got babysitters (free babysitters--our precious students serve us all the time by watching our kids) for Friday and Saturday night!

We went out to eat Friday night and then Saturday night we cooked out at our house while the kids were at Crooms house two doors down. Can i say fun and fueling! Every now and then I wonder where the kids was so quiet. :)

It really boils down to we have to make sacrifices if we value friendships....whether it means spend money you don't have to go out,cook out, pedicures, aquarium, getting babysitters, take off work, drive 5 hours with three kids (one who is nursing)...... it's WORTH IT!

Friends are worth it.


Amy said...


Delta Kelly said...

oh! i am SO glad it was a fun time and i am so encouraged by your planning to make it so worthwhile. i miss you, friend!

Kristin said...

amen, again! WHAT ADORABLE PICTURES! you're right. it is definitely worth it. 100%.

April Brown said...

It WAS a great weekend...sooo worth it! Thank you for serving our socks off...Casey, it meant so much to me to see you putting my kids in their carseats EVERY TIME we went somewhere!! There's nothing like good food, great laughs and amazing conversations!! Jeremy and I couldn't be more thankful for you and Casey and the Crooms!

--Shelley said...

totally worth it! next year we all need to come up there!

Emily said...

oh...i agree jill. i'm so glad yall had a good weekend with your out of town friends. NOW... when are WE getting together/??? you betta CALL a sista!

Lindsey Williamson said...

cute cute pictures!
i like your blog. i started one as well while i was on bedrest. i'm trying to keep it updated with pictures etc.
just showed yours and mine both to mrs janie. she loved it.
talk to you soon!

Jo said...

Jill, I love the Pics! Jadyn has grown up so much. Judging by her smile she had one of those contagious laughs just like her mommy!!! My blog is Keep in touch, Jo